Artists of Faircrest


Puck is a brilliant artist that has a fantastic method of bringing creations to life. Early on they did some comic skits for us; the lines, paneling, colors sand shading.

You can find them working on our main comic 'On Your Marks' as the lead line artist. Pulling things from my brain and making them come alive isn't easy. They have a scary talent of being able to read what I'm describing and create the perfect scene, and even improvise from it!

Gilly 'Cookiemancer'

Cookiemancer is an astonishing artist that has extreme range in artistic talent. Their portfolio includes lines, inking, storyboards, and animation.

You can find them working on our main comic 'On Your Marks' as the lead colorist. Putting those final touches on each page before being released to the public.

In between pages they do our Patreon Support Sketches and one off comic 'Skits'.


Fell is a mixed traditionalist artist; using both pencil/paper and digital art mediums. They have the uncanny ability to put a scene together from just a few written words. You can count on them to present you with an amazingly finished work of art!

You can find them working on our Patreon Rewards; and also concepts and references for new Faircrest Furries characters, weapons, armor, and objects!


Wysdrem is a highly flexible artist. If you're looking for a stranger than usual piece, or very specific thing to have created from your brain, she's the artist you need! Wysdrem has the upmost regard to 'Character Care' meaning that she'll do her best and spend time on making sure every inch of your Character is 'drawn to spec!'. She works on both Human and Anthro characters! We here at Faircrest Comics highly recommend her for your art needs!

You can find her working on our Patreon Rewards and Character References! She also works on the wildlife in Denoria, and various pet adopts, like Noodles!

Proud to have supported over 60 different artists!

Faircrest Commissions Report