World & Lore


The World of Denoria (As currently known and discovered)

Denoria is a young world that has not been fully discovered. What you see in on this map is what has been currently explored, charted, and reported. Some explorers and adventures leave and never return. Their accounts are lost to the sea, or to the dangers they encountered, forever.

The world of Denoria is filled with Anthropomorphic Characters of many difference species; from dragon, fox, mouse, feline, bison... and that's no bull!

The overall setting of the world is currently in a phase of magical discovery. Only in the last few decades has there been the discovery of magic. It's a very rare occurrence and is usually found only in strange artifacts and devices as a one-time use. However, there are some experts that tinker with these kind of devices and attempt to pull the magic from them, then to be used later for their own intentions.

Although, some creatures do seem to have a natural ability, or connection, to magic. Scholars and Researches have not been able to explain why... yet.

The Town of Faircrest

Located in the mid-central region of the known world, the Town of Faircrest gets its name from the family that started, and has supported, the town over multiple generations. This is usually how most Towns are named in the world of Denoria. Either taking the name from a family surname, or from the resources that the town is most known for export/importing.

Faircrest is a major trading hub for all things that wish to travel from largely the southern and eastern regions of Denoria, due to its location. It's also home to one of the largest Shipping Companies.

Currently, as the town name would suggest... the family of Faircrest is the primary investing family and supporter of the Town. This is where our story begins, within the Town of Faircrest following the magical duo, Sister and Brother, Jade and Takkin Faircrest.

The Town of Faircrest