I'm pleased to announce that we're slowly growing Merchandise options!

You can find Faircrest Character Pins Exclusively through NaysPinClub!

All pins are designed by Nayel-ie!

Jade - V1

Jade - V2

Takkin - V2

Takkin - V1



Joining NaysPinClub not only gets you some sweet pins delivered to your door every month; but gives you a chance at nabbing an exclusive, limited run, Faircrest Character pin!

NaysPinClub has various tiers of membership so you can join at a price point you can afford!

Within the Club itself, you also have the option of joining the 'Collectors Group' which removes any 'chance' that's involved each month in regard to which pin(s) you end up receiving. It works by charging you a flat fee for each pin that's being released that month so you don't miss out on any! It's a true collectors dream! It also guarantees you a Faircrest Character Pin when they're released through NaysPinClub.

Please note, that not every month contains a Faircrest Character Pin!